Friday, August 21, 2009

What is the purpose of your money?

via Christian Personal Finance by bob

Define Your Financial Purpose

What are you on earth for? Millions have read Rick Warren’s Purpose-Driven Life and found a sense of purpose. Have you found purpose in a certain career, position, or situation? What is the purpose of your money? Money can buy a lot of things, but there are also a few things it can never buy:

Money can buy:

* . . . a bed, but not sleep
* . . . books, but not knowledge
* . . . a clock, but not time
* . . . a position, but not respect
* . . . food, but not an appetite
* . . . a house, but not a home
* . . . medicine, but not health
* . . . sex, but not love
* . . . amusement, but not happiness
* . . . a crucifix, but not a savior

You should be able to answer the question “What is the purpose of my financial plan?” This includes reasons why you are saving, investing, or incurring debt. What is the “bigger picture”? More important, what does God want you to accomplish through your finances?
Here are some questions to ask yourself to help get you started:

* If money weren’t an issue, what would I be doing?
* My ideal job would be what?
* I would like to spend my days doing what?
* My life is not complete until this is done: ______________________________.
* If I died today, how would I want people to remember me?
* What are the community/social/religious issues I feel most passionate about?

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