Friday, March 6, 2009


Dr. William Stewart has recently written a book entitled “Journey Into Holiness”. It is written as an allegory describing the process of receiving Christ and the journey afterwards through life. It is written in a very engaging, easy to understand style, making the theology of holiness accessible to all.

This book was written in response to a study conducted of Nazarenes across Canada where it was discovered that many were uncertain about what it meant to live a holy life. This book is not written using theological terminology but rather is written as a story of a man named Thomas, a traveler, as he journeys through life and all his encounters. It is the story of someone committed to learning and growing and sometimes stumbling his way through to the holy life to which we can all identify.

This book is designed to be read alone or to be studied with a small group, using the engaging discussion questions at the end of each chapter such as “When does our conscience fail us?” or “Comment: Holy people are not just nice people, they are effective.”

To order a copy of “Journey Into Holiness” for yourself or for your group, please contact the National Office by email ( or call 1.888.808.7490. The cost is $10.00 per book, plus an additional $2.00 per book to cover shipping costs.

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