Friday, March 6, 2009

Tsunami Rehabilitation and Follow-Up Projects

Nazarene Compassionate Ministries Canada (NCMC) has just funded a seed and tool project for tsunami-affected families on the east coast of Sri Lanka.

Rehabilitation along the eastern coast has been very slow. It has taken months to clear the debris, rebuild roads and schools and begin to resettle the people – particularly those who had homes in the government declared "no-build" zone along the ocean. It also has taken many months for the salt from the tsunami waves to leach out of the soil so that planting can resume. However, many of the tsunami-affected families now have housing, are resettled and are beginning to use the land around their new homes for home gardens and to plant fruit trees. The vegetable seed, tools and fruit saplings are part of a “holistic home garden project” funded by NCMC through the Canadian Foodgrains Bank. The vegetables will help to supplement the rice in their diet and the beneficiaries will have excess vegetables to sell to purchase other necessities.

Thank you to the Canadian Nazarenes who contributed to the Tsunami fund.

Your generosity is helping these people to resume their lives with restored livelihoods and food security for years to come!

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