Thursday, May 28, 2009

What is Your Purpose?

"Money without purpose is just money. However, money with a purpose can be used to change the world. It feeds the poor, builds shelters, and changes lives and souls for the kingdom of God. Money with a godly purpose can be revolutionary.

If you desire money solely for material things, you will never be content. Many of the happiest and most successful people in the world have found their purpose in life. They know exactly what money can do to help their families and help others. If you had more money what would you do with it? Who would you help? What would your days, weeks, and months look like? Unless you can envision how you will use money to better the lives of others, no amount of money will fill you up. It is only Christ’s love that fills the void in your life. As you grow closer to Him, He will help you find your purpose — your unique calling.

What are you on earth for? Millions have read Rick Warren’s Purpose-Driven Life and found a sense of purpose. Have you found purpose in a certain career, position, or situation? What is God calling you to do?"

- from Jay Peroni, author of The Faith-Based Millionaire.

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