Thursday, May 28, 2009

Where is Your Passion?

"Why do so many people have trouble finding their passion? Often it is so far beneath the surface that it is out of sight and out of mind. If you have a relationship with Jesus, are you passionate about Him? Money tends to be the primary motivating factor for many as they choose a profession, but most would not identify money as their true passion.

God has instilled a passion within you. He has programmed within you a desire to participate in activities that are natural, rewarding, and fulfilling. Some find these early on. Others never truly discover their passion. Almost every successful person I have met found a way to consistently tap into his or her passion. Once they found a way, they also discovered how to earn a living through it.

If you discover what your interests and passions are, you will always be far more successful than if you just go through the motions."

- from Jay Peroni, author of The Faith-Based Millionaire.

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