Friday, February 5, 2010


It is the first week in February and that means that we are quickly approaching the Lent season.Lent is a time of year similar to Advent where we intentionally prepare ourselves for a coming Christian holiday. For advent that holiday is Christmas. For this season of Lent the holiday is Easter in which we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus.

How does Lent work? Traditionally, people who observe Lent would set aside the forty days prior to Easter for a type of fast as an observance for the day to come.

The Lenten fast calls on you to deny yourself something or to add something to your schedule for the duration of those forty days. Going without red meat or soda for example or adding a time of prayer.Observing Lent is a way to prepare your spirit and mind in a way to cause a yearning in you for Christ’s return. Lent helps us to understand the suffering of Christ. And in our fast, each time we think about what is lacking from our daily routine it will cause us to think about Christ and the reason for our fast.

Lent starts on Ash Wednesday (February 17th) and lasts until Easter morning. Start thinking of your Lenten commitment.

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