Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Anti-Debt as a Lever and Fulcrum

a guest post from "the Christian Dollar"...

I was thinking about people who claim that debt is like a “lever and fulcrum” or “tool” the other day. Why do they think that? Perhaps it is because you can “get more stuff” before you actually have the money. Debt, I suppose, gives you a way to get what you want before you can have it.

But what about anti-debt? What does that get you? I would argue that not having debt is a stronger tool than having debt. I suppose that the “tool” we’re talking about here is a financial tool. You will have more money by having anti-debt than having debt.

Advantages of Anti-Debt

  1. No interest payments! Imagine what you can do if you got rid of your payments. You’d have more money to invest, more money to make you money, and ultimately more money to give!
  2. Less stress. No more having to remember all those payments you have to make. You don’t have any! Instead, you can focus on the things that matter in life.
  3. An appreciation for the true value of money! It’s easy to spend someone else’s money, isn’t it? Well, when you have “anti-debt,” you will be pushed to realize the true value of money. You’ll be spending your own money and feeling the pain when you hand over those crisp dollar bills!

So you know what, my anti-debt is my lever and fulcrum! I’m sacrificing what I want in the here and now for the power of investments in the future. Don’t you want to be able to have your money work for you?

What is it in your life that you perhaps need to sacrifice in order to win financially? Remember, anti-debt is the ultimate tool. Don’t be fooled by clever marketing attempts by the credit industry. Lower your debt and be free!

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