Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Amber Graner: Goat Festival – Ubuntu For All!

The American Dairy Goat Association raises goats to send to Africa. Why send goats to Africa, it’s a way to help some to learn the skill of husbandry, and have a trade skill. When the Association folks learned about the connection that Ubuntu has to South Africa, the Ubuntu Philosophy and what “ubuntu” means they said we could give out information on Ubuntu.

There were somewhere between 1000-1500 people who passed through the event on Saturday. People drove in from South Carolina, Tennessee, and other places across North Carolina. There were small business owners who talked to me about migrating to Ubuntu, the Libraries are looking into Open Source alternatives, and I even spoke to people who were wondering what using Open Source alternatives could do for the local government.

All in all it was an event where I handed out the least amount of CD’s and stuff, but an event where I got to talk and introduce people to Ubuntu and Open Source for the 1st time.

There was excitement from people who use Ubuntu that people who contribute to Ubuntu were there at the Local Goat Festival, and that if they wanted they too could get involved. It was great to see the excitement in their eyes as we talked and shared how we all came to become users of Ubuntu.

If it’s a goat festival or a tractor pull, computers are everywhere and letting people know they have a choice about what operating system they use on their computers is important ... people have a choice!

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