Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Ubuntu ... a European review

Every six months, GNU/Linux inches closer toward breaking the monopoly of Microsoft Windows and competing with the polish and elegance of Apple/Mac.

For a long time, GNU/Linux was touted as an operating system for geeks and developers. A company called Canonical took this challenge and came out with Ubuntu. Although there is also a Server Edition, the primary focus of Ubuntu is home users. Founder Mark Shuttleworth is living up to his promises. In the last three years that I have been using Ubuntu, I have never seen any other product evolve so drastically.

Ubuntu: Free Software Philosophy. Ubuntu offers an operating system based on GNU/Linux, which follows the Free Software philosophy and makes sure you get the best. GNU/Linux and Free Software are perfect example of a pro-people business model and not an anti-people business model where companies strip users of most of their rights.

It's for you and for me. Ubuntu is a perfect operating system for home users, businessmen, students as well as big enterprises. Installation of Ubuntu is graphical. You can download and burn a CD and use the entire operating system from the CD without installing anything. Installation is quite easy and fast. One of the biggest advantages of using Gnu/Linux or Ubuntu is software. Unlike the Microsoft/Windows environment where one would have to search the web for software, pay a fee and also take the risk of getting a virus; with Ubuntu, there are thousands of free software packages in the Ubuntu repository.

When you download and install Ubuntu, you get an entire bundle of necessary software pre-installed. The software packages include: word processor, spreadsheet; presentation; movie player, music player, Internet browser; IM chat client which allows you to connect to your friends on networks including Yahoo! MSN, Facebook, Google Talk and many more through this one software.

Ubuntu has emerged as the best GNU/Linux operating system ever. With looks that can kill, Software that makes Mac OS X and Windows look like Nincompoops, and a rock solid Operating System at the bottom, it’s the creme-de-la-crème of Operating Systems.

Do you want the best OS? Try Ubuntu!

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