Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Comment by Uncle B on Re-Lifing Computers...

Retired recently, read Microsoft’s warning on my machine at home, realized my company was no longer paying license fees, being law abiding, shut my computers off, got a friend to download Ubuntu for free, installed it, sweat bullets a bit, it worked fine!

Still using Ubuntu after many years. I simply do not buy products not supporting Ubuntu – their loss, not mine! For an older guy with limited resources, the old box works much better with Ubuntu, no more trips to the M$ dealer to get hard drive speeded up every few months, no more ‘blue screen of death’ episodes with data losses, no more virus problems, smooth trouble free computing and great happiness, Thank You to Ubuntu who ever you are!

Poor kids at my church switching to Ubuntu on older cheaper second-hand boxes. The Great Depression is upon us, give generously to the folks at the food banks, send old clothing to churches, we need it desperately and the future doesn’t look too bright for the poorest among us either.

Older computers with Ubuntu on them are good for homework for the kids with less at home. Don’t forget them, they may become the programmers of the future, so donate your old boxes, but stay legal, load them with Ubuntu first! Love our country and respect its laws, If you didn’t pay for your OS, switch to the free and legal one, Ubuntu, and stay legal!

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