Thursday, November 26, 2009

You are to use accurate scales, an accurate ephah and an accurate bath. – Ezekiel 45:10

This is a guest post from Pastor Garry Mullen

Have you ever heard the one about the honest used car salesman? He died of loneliness. Okay, bad joke – and before all the used car salesmen start to throw rocks at my blog – please remember that I used to be you. But we also have to admit that there are certain professions that seem to have a natural affinity toward being seen as dishonest (you could add lawyers and real estate agents to the list.) And maybe even with an expectation of dishonesty comes the understanding that it is allowable to be dishonest.

But that has never been God’s understanding. In a time when it was a common practice to shave on the measurements, God said no. Your measurements are to be accurate. Honesty is expected. There is never a time when dishonesty is the appropriate response.

Sometimes in our lives it can appear that honesty is too hard to be practiced. We fudge on the little things, lie on our resumes – all in an effort just to get by. We excuse it by telling ourselves that everyone does it – the behavior is okay and expected. It is an attitude that needs to change. It is an attitude that says that I am more important than you.

I am convinced that we are designed for community – which means that you are as important as I am. In fact, I need you. But dishonesty is a sin against the community – it will tear us apart. And in the end, it weakens me. Community is too important to put at risk.

In whatever you do today, recognize the importance of the community that you live in – and the need to live in an honest manner. It keeps the fabric of our community alive and vibrant. And it honors the God we serve.

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