Friday, December 11, 2009

Depression Is a Healing Emotion

Most people would not consider depression a healing emotion. Dr. Archibald Hart explains how this can be true:

"Every depression will pass. If you do the right things, you can shorten it; you can bring healing; and you can grow. If you do the right things, this could be one of the most wonderful things that has ever happened to you. I work with a lot of depressed people. When they are over it, they all say to me, 'I'm a better person because of it. Somehow through this pain, I have found a new me, and God has become more precious than ever before.'"

Ginny shares, "The most important things I've learned are (1) God never leaves us, (2) we are all sinners, and (3) God wants to be there; we just have to ask Him.

"When you go through hard times, God isn't testing you to be faithful to Him; He's proving His faithfulness to you. I wouldn't trade what I've been through for anything. As much as I've hated going through it, it has given me the relationship with God that I didn't have before. There's such peace in that."

As you go through each day, look to the future expectantly to see how God will use the depression in your life.

"Thanksgivings will pour out of the windows; laughter will spill through the doors. Things will get better and better. Depression days are over. They'll thrive, they'll flourish. The days of contempt will be over" (Jeremiah 30:19 Msg).

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