Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Fun Ways to Give Like No One Else

a guest post from John at the Christian Dollar,

There are many reasons I want to obtain wealth. I want to provide a good life for myself and my family, create more time to spend with people, and give wealth away in some very fun ways.
At the present time, we’re not in a position to give over and above our tithe, but we have some ideas of what we’d like to do once we are in the position to give.

Imagine being able to put a crisp $100 bill in someone’s mailbox. Or maybe leaving one on your table after a meal well-served. Try handing one to a child and watching their parent’s surprise when they notice what their child is playing with.

Giving is a motivating factor for building wealth. There is something exciting about giving just because you can. There are some very specific things you can do if you have money to spare. Try giving directly to individuals in need. Reward those for a job well done. There is much fulfillment in giving to others.

How do you give? What ideas do you have?

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