Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Its amazing and wonderful how GOD works in our lifes!

The following is from an un-named Nazarene pastor's blog...

Life is one of the most precious and wonderful gifts that we have. I am not saying that is going to be easy or that things in life will always work out the way you thought they should. There are times that are hard and that will seem that things will not get any better. That is NOT true!
We all have our own struggles and issues in life. Its how we choose to deal with that issue or situation that will help us grow in life and become a better person. There are things in my life that have not worked out whether it be a relationship or what have you, I would get down and think well maybe if I had done something different or if I had? But that is not the case. GOD helped me know that she was not the right one for me. We need to know that what we thought we needed or wanted may not have been what GOD really wanted for us.
When one door closes we need to not get upset or mad, just because one door closes means that another door will open and that door will be bigger and better that we could have ever imagined! Growing up I have always wanted to be a Police Officer. Getting older I ran into some medical issues and I can no longer pursue that career in life. I got up set and sad. Finally I got to the point and asked GOD why, why me? GOD wants me to do to do something more! One door may have closed but that is okay! GOD has opened a new door for me and I don’t fully know what it is yet but I know I am a whole lot happier and I am more at peace with my self and I have more direction in life with GOD... and its amazing and wonderful!!!
When a door closes in your life or something does not work out, don’t get up set and sad. GOD will help you and lead you on the right path and will open bigger and better doors for you then you could have ever imagined! Love GOD and life stay strong in life and keep moving forward!

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