Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Spiritual Security

"Everybody's looking for emotional support in another relationship with the opposite sex," says Dr. Jim A. Talley, "and that's the wrong place to look. The emotional support you need comes from your spiritual life being stable first, and that's a right relationship with God."Examine your heart by reflecting on your recent actions and attitudes. What do they reveal about you? Are you completely secure in your relationship with God or do you want another person to make you feel secure? Pray and ask God to help you be honest as you consider these matters. Then refrain from getting involved with a new person until you can say with confidence, "God is enough. He's all I need."Gary Richmond tells how in the Bible Jeremiah's assignment from God was to deliver only bad news: "Jeremiah had the worst assignment in the world. He was told that he could only tell the people bad things. He finally cried out in the book of Lamentations, 'God is my sufficiency even though nobody likes me for what I'm saying.' "God is enough and that's an important place to come to so that you're coming out of a position of strength into the potential of a new relationship and not out of neediness. It's sad that people are crawling in hope toward a new relationship in order to be validated by another person." In the midst of despair and great difficulty Jeremiah said, "Deep in my heart I say, 'The LORD is all I need; I can depend on him!' The LORD is kind to everyone who trusts and obeys him. It is good to wait patiently for the LORD to save us'" (Lamentations 3:24-26 CEV).

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