Wednesday, January 20, 2010


a guest post from Pastor Gary at a Nazarene church on the South Carolina District.

It is amazing how fast the cell phone has become part of our every day lives. When cell phones first came into existence, only executives and business men used them. Now, EVERYONE has cell phones. We use them to connect to people in a variety of ways.

I would like to suggest a way that you can use your phone that you may not have thought of. Say you are rendered unconscious due to an accident and the response team needs to contact someone to let them know you are seriously injured. How will they know who to call?

Select a person you which to be notified in case of an accident and enter their phone number in your cell phone. Instead of entering their name; enter three letters: ICE. This stands for In Case of Emergency. The EMT can find ICE in your phone directory and call the person designated to be contacted.

Most EMTs are aware of this and everyone should have this stored in their cell phones. Be safe but be prepared.

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