Saturday, January 23, 2010

NCN News, Holiness Today magazine announce web site merger

NCN News has shown rapid growth over the last few years as more and more Nazarenes use the latest technology to get information about their denomination and broader church family.

During this time, a functional relationship between NCN News and Holiness Today has emerged under the Nazarene Communications Network umbrella that enhances the services we provide our global Nazarene family. Holiness Today focuses on two important elements:
* Fostering the pursuit of practical holiness and everyday faith. This is why the magazine is named Holiness Today.
* Facilitating the connections between our global Nazarene family. We do this via the presentation of our message and mission through the stories we share from the church at large.

NCN News began as a service to disseminate news about the denomination. We are merging our two delivery systems into a common web site accessible by either URL: or Developed by Nazarene Publishing House, this newly-launched web site connects news, information, mission, and message in an easy-to-use format. In addition, both entities have Facebook and Twitter accounts where news and stories are distributed frequently.

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