Monday, January 18, 2010

Protecting Your Dreams

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Losing weight is no easy task. It take determination, intense planning, and utter self control. Anything you do in life that goes against the norm requires a focused intensity that is difficult to match.

Shedding debt, building your emergency fund, and investing is the same way. If you’re counter-cultural on your beliefs about credit, debt, and handling money, you need to protect your methods being compromised by undue frustration.

Allow me to give you an example. Let’s say that you have several overweight friends and, you, being overweight yourself, decide it’s finally time to go on a diet. You get all excited. You’re cutting back the cake and bringing on the broccoli. You start rejecting the ways of your overweight friends and striving for a higher goal. Hoping your friends will get excited and encourage your endeavors, you tell them all about it and how much better your life will be once you lose the pounds. Unfortunately, they start telling you about how you’ll never make it and eating cake is actually “good for you.”

You see, many people, even friends, will not necessarily get excited with you. The same is true for your financial ambitions. Others would rather spend money eating out, going on vacations, and borrowing to drown their worries away. In many cases, this has happened to me. People who I expected to get excited only told me how it wasn’t possible. Only my closest friends have been an encouragement, and I thank those of you who have blessed me with your kindness.

Whatever your dream, protect it! If you’re going to lose weight, do it! Prove them wrong! Believe in yourself! If you’re going to pay off your mortgage in a third the time it takes most, do it! Prove them wrong! Believe in yourself! Those who aim low tend to hit their targets. Aim high, and dream!

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